Just Right Combination Skin Bundle

Just Right Combination Skin Bundle

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If you have combination skin, we have the perfect bundle for you.

This combination skin bundle features products made for combination skin giving you the ultimate balance. It will not leave your skin feeling overly dry nor oily but keep it at an optimum level. 

Find out more about each of the products in this bundle below.

What's in the bundle?

  • Oil based cleanser x 1
  • Foam based cleanser x 1
  • Toner x 1
  • Sheet mask x 2
  • Moisturiser x 1

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

This cult-favourite melts off stubborn makeup seamlessly without stripping your skin of its natural oils, it naturally exfoliates and brightens with vitamin C-rich acerola extract. But now, mineral oil has been replaced with natural ester oil, butylated hydroxytoluene is gone and skin-friendly vitamin E acetate is in its place (allowing this cleanser to be used on all skin types, even kids), and butyl parahydroxybenzoate has been replaced with phenoxyethanol, an ingredient naturally derived from green tea to provide a fresh, rose scent.

The texture of the Clean It Zero Face Cleanser has been improved to be even smoother and softer with a higher melting point, meaning no more summer meltdowns!

CosRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

This Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser formulated with botanical skin purifying ingredients, the mildly acidic cleanser works softly to make skin supple and clear.

The Good Morning Gel Cleanser has a pH level of 5.0 - 6.0, contains tea-tree oil and natural BHA that shrinks the size of pores and refines the skin’s texture.

This Gel Cleanser is safe to use on dry and sensitive skin types. The mild cleanser will make any morning skincare routine refreshing and hydrating and is formulated to remove makeup and other oil-based residues without stripping the skins natural oils. 

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

This gentle yet effective Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner is enriched with Etude House's Super Collagen™ water (Hydrolyzed Collagen) and Baobab water to provide moisture while rebalancing your skin's pH level. Its gel-like formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and instantly plumps up the skin for a firm, bouncy and hydrated feeling.

Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Mask - Green Tea

Pure Essence Sheet Masks have ultra-thin sheet bases, that let your skin breathe and create tight skin contact to deliver the active ingredients with the highest efficiency. Each Sheet Mask is formulated with a different natural ingredient that provides a solution to your skin concern and considers your individuality.

Formulated with Green Tea and Panthenol, these ingredients soothe irritated skin. Green Tea has anti-inflammatory and calming properties, Panthenol provides hydration and helps prevent further inflammation. 

Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Mask - Damask Rose

This Holika Holika Pure Essence Sheet Mask - Damask Rose contains pure essence from rose oil. This sheet mask nourishes your skin intensely, brightens and reduces the intensity of old acne scars. The formula penetrates your skin deeply and restores the elasticity of the skin.

The Damask Rose Oil helps against pigmentation spots, chamomile extract fights inflammation and moisturizes your skin, grenade extract gives dull skin a healthy colour.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

This moisturizer forms a protective film for the skin to retain moisture, which has been formulated with water from the Polynesian Lagoon, clean ocean water, and 30 species of marine plant extracts. This Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is a well known, high-quality product and is a longstanding bestseller in Korea.

The Aqua Sherbet Network System protects the skin from the external environment by forming a moisture film over the skin.  Hyaluronic acid, a plant-derived moisturized by continuously maintaining moisture in combination skin for long hours.